Thursday, January 15, 2015

Computers in public transportation...

I guess this guy will become online world famous pretty soon...

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The Boner paperclip

This paperclip looks like a dog-bone when not being used, but turns into a boner when it is...

You find this funny? Be sure to keep coming back here - theres a lot of fun here!

Bitcoin is low... make sure you get onboard, earning some, for free, completely free...  And watch your part of tomorrows currency grow...

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Avicii & Rick Astley 2014 - the big Comeback

This is just fantastic - look, listen and enjoy it all.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Money = Fun, isn't it?

What can be more fun than earning money with very little work?
The thing with Bittoclick is that it forces you to click on at least 4 ads per day, to earn from your referrals clicks the day before. This is really good feature for everyone involved in it, and it keeps your referrals to keep clicking, earning you more of course. I really like that. And its easy to transfer payouts into buying new referrals etc - and of course, quick payouts in either paypal or Bitcoins. XXXXX from me.
Btcclicks is one of the largest ones, and has always a lot of links to click, it also pays out rather quickly, and I have been buying ads here for some time, with good response into my other programs. I would give this one a XXXX stars.
This one is still in BETA, but looks really promising. They pay you not only Bitcoins, but Litecoins, and some other crypto coins on a daily basis. And the more affiliates you have, down 7 levels deep, the more you earn per day. My guesses is that this one will be huge! Especially when they turn on and add more services to it - and having a builtup downline by then will be just perfect. Giving this one XXXX stars now.
This one has been a slowstarter for me - but now it looks rather good I must say. Must remind myself to start clicking and doing the different tasks. Giving this a XXX stars at the moment.
This one is really simple - just sign up, and promote your  link, and get some BTC sent to you wallet. My guess is that there will be more functionality coming in later on, but now, this is all there is. Giving it a XXX star.
Now we get into some a little bit more complicated programs. First I did not trust or believe in this one at all, but after a while I started to find my way around it, and mostly converts my payouts into traffic to any of my other programs instead. Try it out if you want - I am up for helping you if you get in. Giving this one XXXX for that they have a lot of functionality but only XX for ease of use, XXX will be the total.
BitBillions is really interesting, with 7 levels depth of referrals where you get revenue from. Finds this one very easy to get referrals to too - do actually not know exactly why, but there seem to be a combination of trustworthiness and look and feel that are appealing. Giving this XXXX stars.

An alternative to PTC
MatrixGold is interesting since it goes 5 levels deep, so that means you earn a lot of money (btc) from people getting into it. Its free to join, and start to build your downline - and then just do a small 5USD investment to get the money rolling your way. Works very well I must say. Will give this one at least XXXX stars too.
To see the rest of the programs that I am involved in now, that are either in Bitcoins, or in generating traffic to my Bitcoin sites - you are more than welcome to my collection over here:

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

FRA - den enda myndigheten som faktiskt lyssnar på dig

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Earn some BitCoins - for free

Bitcoins to the left and bit coins to the right... What is it all about, and where to get them, how to buy them, how to sell them, how to use them and where to store them?!

There are a huge difference in the questions we all have when it comes to what Bitcoins really are. I have tried to answer some of them here, and to get you all up to some more enlightened knowledge about what it really is.

I'm not a pro in this, I have very recently found my way around this, and got hold of my first Bitcoins myself, and being curious on how to grow them in different ways.

What is it? 
A lot of the details can of course be found on Wikipedia, so I will not reproduce the content here, so just surf over to , but be sure to come back - because you will get some tools and tips on how to grow your bit coin fortune here from me

Where to store and buy? 
Feel free to try that out. I bought my first Bitcoins at the merchant found at And stores them on I found that from some other blogger, and that seem to work well for me.

How to earn some Bitcoins?
There are several sources to earn bit coins from, and most of them (if you don't want to go into the mining-business) is to just surf around, which you do anyway I guess. I have listed some of the links I use for earning Bitcoins on a regular daily basis. Just sign up for them, and keep surfing them - the coins will roll your way.

BTCClicks is actually the best one of the, so start with that!
(Just a recommendation)


Ocd nightmare

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some attractive domains for sale now!

I have got some domain names for sale now - check them out! Let me know if you are interested in buying anyone of them.


I have them listed at that will safely take care of the brokerage if you are interested!

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