Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Some selected parts from the Paris Hilton sexmovie

Via: Flixya

Some selected parts from the Paris Hilton sexmovie "One night in Paris". Scenes from the infamous Paris Hilton sex video. Paris Hilton: The Famous Paris Hilton video is analyzed here. This is just a mix of clips of the paris hilton sex video. Recently Paris Hilton has been making news as the rich girl. Date a rich girl Paris Hilton promoting the site that has the paris hilton club. This site explores the Simple life of Paris Hilton. "paris hilton" sex scandal, sex tape the scandal. The bio of Ms. Paris Hilton. She produced a sex tape in 2003 which featured her having sex on this porn video of paris hilton. Similar to the spoofs by others that made history by doing parody's of the paris hilton videos, music video is not good in my opinion. The hotel heiress video was an internet sensation selling the most porn movies ever! just having sex! Paris Hilton made more money than the Jenna Jameson videos or the Pam Anderson sex tape!

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